Popular social media campaign demands Qahtan’s release

Popular social media campaign demands Qahtan’s release

Alsahwa Net- A nationwide popular social media campaign will be launched at 7:00 pm on Sunday 5 April to demand freedom of prominent Yemeni political leader, Mohamed Qahtan who has been in detention for five years.

Qahtan who is a member of the Higher Committee of the Islah party was abducted from home in Sana’a on 5 April 2015 by the Houthis rebels.

Human rights defenders say that Qahtan is in forcible disappearance and his abduction whereabouts remain anonymous.

Political activists and human rights advocates organized similar campaigns over the past years with the same purpose.

This time they are optimistic that their voice for Qahtan’s release might be heard as the United Nations (UN) and international organizations adopted joint calls for release of detainees and abductees in Yemen to avert the spread of the Coronavirus in crowded detention facilities.

Qahtan’s family knows nothing about his location or his fate because the Houthis militants banned any family visitation or communication to Qahtan and never disclosed his location since his abduction in April 2015 until writing of this story.

Several Yemeni political figures will join and support this year’s campaign as Qahtan stands as a symbol of peace and dialogue.

Yemeni activists along with international human rights defenders concluded few days ago a bold popular social media campaign for release of all detainees, prisoners and abductees to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among thousands of inmates in Houthis-run detention centers.

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