Extent of western media's bias in favor of Yemen Shia extremists unbelievable

Extent of western media's bias in favor of Yemen Shia extremists unbelievable


By Sarah Hassan


The Arab Coalition launched on Tuesday an intensive aerial onslaught on Houthi military sites in response to increasing Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, the alliance's leader. As usual, the Houthi propaganda machine stirred much outcry out of nothing. It spread stories everywhere that an airstrike killed 70 horses in Sana'a providing only two separate pictures of two dead horses: one showing one dead adult horse and the other showing a baby horse lying dead as its mother stands over it.  

Nothing more. Reacting to the Houthi propaganda, the London-based Middle East Monitor published on Thursday a story entitled "Saudi used cluster bombs in Yemen horse stable attack."

The Anti-war website published an Op-Ed entitled: "Animal rights groups slam Saudis for "Horse Massacre in Yemen". The Digital Journal published: "Animal rights groups condemn Saudi Yemen attack that kills horses".

And way many more websites engaged in the suspicious outcry. Over the past six years the Shia extremists have killed tens of thousands of people in various ways including rocket attacks on government-held city centers. Taiz is a main city in southwest the country which has born the brunt of child and women casualties as at the hands of Iranian-trained Houthi snipers deployed around and besieging the city for six years.

The local Yemeni websites habitually publish the massacre stories with the full names and photos of each of the human victims provided. Yet the atrocities, for some reason, never get covered by the US and European media.

In their tons of articles written on Yemen over the years, these outlets have mostly stood the facts on head and always firmly advanced the portrayal of Houthis as victims! Without even considering the necessity of balance of arguments.    

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