Gov’t demands pressures on Houthis to halt escalation

Gov’t demands pressures on Houthis to halt escalation

Alsahwa Net-The Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami renewed on Thursday his government’s demands to the UN Security Council and the international community to exercise pressures on the Houthis to halt their escalation and respond positively to the UN Secretary General ceasefire call with no preconditions.

Al-Hadhrami voiced this during a phone call with the UK State Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverly.

Al-Hadhrami affirmed that that government is ready to release all prisoners in line to earlier agreements reached with the Houthis on this issue.

He said that the government welcomes a call by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen for an urgent meeting to discuss the proposed ceasefire to counter the COVID-19 outbreak in Yemen.

“Position of the government is clear. We are ready to go to the urgent meeting any time, but the Houthis mount their escalation and lay down several preconditions for political extortion,” Al-Hadhrami said.

In a related topic, Al-Hadhrami said that the situation needs urgent implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement.

He said that procrastination to the Al-Riyadh agreement implementation by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) hinders the peace process and scatters the government’s efforts on countering the Iranian influence in Yemen.  

He appreciated the UK’s support to Yemen on the humanitarian side and hoped that the UK overcomes soon consequences of the COVID-19.

For his part, cleverly expressed his country’s support to the legitimate government and the UN Secretary General ceasefire call to counter risks of the COVID-19 outbreak and end the war.

He appreciated the positive position taken by the government towards the ceasefire call and reaffirmed importance of its implementation.

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