The world's "covid-19" poison turns into Houthis' meat

The world's "covid-19" poison turns into Houthis' meat

The world's "covid-19" poison turns into Houthis' meat

The Houthis controling large parts of the country exploited the world's ordeal of  coronavirus and the Yemeni people's "fear of an outbreak" to further the terrorist theocratic organization's interests by:
1- Stopping passengers wanting to enter their territories in a central Yemen's Radaa checkpoint and re-allowing passages against hefty bribes.
2- Closing shopping malls and allowing re-openings against bribes too, raising huge funds for the militia's war effort.

3- Tightening siege on the government cities they have already been militarily besieging for six years, such as Taiz.

4- Accusing the Arab Coalition of dropping medical masks tainted with coronavirus , an odd claim. 

5-Inducing suggestions to their subjects (the  millions of helpless Yemenis under their rule) that they are facing a delimma: to die because the government will kill them or die in dignity in the warfronts. Enclosed is a link to a video where a Houthi militant presents the choices emphatically and suggests the "warfronts are the only safe place" to be. 

4- Exploiting the expected oubreak politically in various other ways.

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