Houthis’ preventative security kills comrades for subversive suspicion

Houthis’ preventative security kills comrades for subversive suspicion

Alsahwa Net- Over 18 Houthis leaders were killed during the past week by hit squads recruited by the leadership of the Houthis militia to eliminate comrades doubted of intentions to do subversive acts.

The Houthis’ Preventative Security, a security office  which operates out of the state formal structure is the Houthis higher leadership that implements and supervises murders of the comrades.

The dead Houthis officials were killed in various parts of the Houthis-held territory including the capital Sana’a, Taiz, Al-Baida, and Dhamar.

The Saudi-state-run Okaz Daily Newspaper said that Munir Al-Hashash, a Houthis-affiliated official from Taiz was killed last Saturday in his hometown Shara’b district by other Houthis militants who came to arrest him.

Two militants of the hit-team were killed and other civilians who were nearby the fighting site.

Al-Hashash received private training courses on the Houthis’ extreme ideology and he was accused of child solider recruitment in his district and looting citizens’ properties.

The Houthis’ leadership disagreed with Al-Hashash on illegal money collection the later imposed on local farmers and refused to hand it over to the Houthis’ management.

Other 15 Houthis leaders were killed in similar murder incidents during the past days in Sana’a and Dhamar.

In a related incident, one week ago, members of the Preventative Security killed scores of the Houthis fighters when attempted to flee the fighting in Serwah district of Marib.

Abu Hizam Al-Jawfi and Mohamed Al-Riyami, both were Houthis leaders, were killed in the past week in Al-Baida.

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