Gov’t welcomes Griffiths call for ceasefire meeting to fight Corona

Gov’t welcomes Griffiths call for ceasefire meeting to fight Corona

Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni government welcomed on Sunday a call for a ceasefire meeting which has been invited by the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

Griffiths called late last week for urgent meeting to discuss a comprehensive ceasefire in order parties agree on a join mechanism and measures to fight the coronavirus and prevent its outbreak in Yemen.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry said that the government took a positive position to the ceasefire meeting to alleviate sufferings of Yemenis and to keep Yemen free from risks of the COVID-19.

The government called on the international community and the UN Security Council to exercise pressures on the Houthis militia to respond positively to the invitation with no preconditions and to halt its constant violations and military escalation.

It held the Houthis accountable to failure of the ongoing UN peace efforts.

The European Union (EU) and Griffiths hailed positive responses by the government and the Houthis to the UN ceasefire call and demanded parties to the conflict to put their stated words into action.

However, the Houthis militia intensified its ground and aerial military escalation by firing ballistic missiles towards the Saudi territory and mounting their attacks against the government’s forces.

Griffiths stated last Sunday that he was alarmed by ground and aerial military escalation in Yemen particularly in areas of Marib and missile attacks claimed by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia.


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