EU supports ceasefire in Yemen to fight Coronavirus

EU supports ceasefire in Yemen to fight Coronavirus

Alsahwa Net-The European Union (EU) hailed on Friday responses by Yemen parties to ceasefire calls in Yemen by the UN Secretary General to focus on the fighting against COVID-19.

A statement by the EU Delegation to Yemen said that the “steps are welcomed and in the right direction.”

“The war in Yemen has raged for more than five years and brought untold suffering and destruction to Yemen and its citizens,” the delegation said.

“The additional imminent threat now posed by the spread of coronavirus makes it even more imperative for the parties to lay down arms and join forces for a common cause,” the statement read.

It expected “the parties to engage constructively with the UN Special Envoy in setting up the appropriate confidence-building mechanisms to this end.”

It said that the EU “will continue lending its full support to the Special Envoy and his team as they embark on this critical endeavor for the benefit of the Yemeni people and regional stability.”

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