Communist Party thanks Islah for standing with China against Coronavirus

Communist Party thanks Islah for standing with China against Coronavirus

Alsahwa Net- The Communist Party of China has thanked the Islah party of Yemen for standing by China in the fight against the coronavirus which is known also as the COVID-19.

Outbreak the COVID-19 started in the Chinese Wuhan city late last year and it spread few months later to almost every country.

Appreciation to the Islah party came from the External Relations Department of the Chinese Communist Party that sent a letter to the Secretary General of the Islah Party.

The communist party expressed its interest on the friendship relation with the Islah party and said it is willing to strengthen cooperation with the Islah party in line to the common ground and mutual respect in a way that pushes Yemen-China relation forward.

“China took comprehensive measures to control the epidemic since its outbreak and the epidemic control and monitoring are progressing amidst good results,” the letter read.

“We are determined to achieve the final victory against the virus,” the letter said.

The communist party said it is ready to work with parties around the world to exchange experience on the epidemic control.

It said that the communist party objects distortion of any specific country or politicizing the pandemic.

It said that the global health security is a common challenge for all humanity.

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