Corona is a breeze compared to Houthi terrorists O

Corona is a breeze compared to Houthi terrorists O


By Sarah Hassan


Corona is a breeze compared to Houthis, the Shia terrorist organization

Corona may not kill a thousand Yemenis and may not enter the country to begin with.

Houthi have killed no less than 120,000 Yemenis and injured millions since 2004 and caused tens of thousands of other casualties. And are hell bent to continue fighting "until the Day of Judgment" as they pledged.

You hear a lot of Yemenis mocking the described magnitude of corona's danger compared to what they have experienced throughout six years of Houthi Jihadis fight to take the rest of the country by force and implement the organization's form of Islamic state.

Yemen has tales to tell about Houthi sabotage of Yemen's historical transformation to democracy in 2014, the Houthi ignition of this devastating war, the Houthi planting of at least a million landmines indiscriminately, the fall of thousands of casualties as a result, the Houthi horrific torture of thousands of prisoners including journalists and other peaceful oppositionists, the Houthi bombing of hundreds of buildings mainly houses, the Houthi establishment of an army of child Jihadists, the Houthi siege on pro-government cities continuing for years, the Houthi deliberate murder of children by sniper shootings, the Houthi radicalization of young generations in their areas of control to become sectarian Jihadists, the Houthi displacement of millions of oppositionists, the Houthi split of the national economy into two, the Houthi control of public resources and withholding of public salaries, the Houthi hijacking of the decision of UN agencies, the Houthi stealing of humanitarian aid to the country, the Houthi sabotage of all peace agreements, the Houthi bloody wipeout of all forms of dissent in Sana'a, the Houthi fracture of the Yemeni nation along sectarian fault lines and internal borders, and finally the Houthi win of the support of the United Nations and western media.

Corona cannot do such a harm. If it ever comes

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