NGO warns against epidemic outbreak among detained passengers

NGO warns against epidemic outbreak among detained passengers

Alsahwa Net- A local human rights NGO warned on Monday against epidemics outbreak among thousands of passengers detained by the Houthis militia over coronavirus risks.

The Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) condemned the Houthis’ detention of travelers at a military checkpoint in Al-Baida in inhumane conditions.

The Houthis say that detained passengers who were crossing from the government-held areas to the Houthis-held governorates are under 14-day quarantine.

Yet, the detained passengers were not kept in a standard quarantine center.

They were left in open area for some days and were later taken to public schools in Al-Baida governorate where they were placed in groups in classrooms without access to proper hygiene and sanitation. 

The HRITC said that it documented testimonies by citizens who were humiliated by the Houthis militants over political motivations using the pretext of health measures against the COVID-19 spread.

It demanded the World Health Organization (WHO) to supervise the quarantine process and formation of a neutral workforces that examine passengers for the COVID-19 without political and financial extortion.

For its part, the legitimate government condemned the Houthis’ detention of passengers and denial of their entry to the Houthis-held territory using the pretext of protection against the COVID-19.

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