Houthis detain UN vessel in Hodeida port

Houthis detain UN vessel in Hodeida port

Alsahwa net- The Houthis militia detained on Tuesday a vessel of the United Nations (UN) along with the UN Hodeida mission on board.

The Houthis militant denied departure of the vessel from Hodeida port to Al-Makha port to transport the government’s army officers who are part of the joint operations to monitor implementation of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeida.

This is the second time the Houthis hinder work of the UN Hodeida mission by denying departure of the UN vessel.

The vessel was supposed to leave Hodeida port at 6:00 am on Tuesday for carrying the government army officers to Al-Makha port.

The UN Hodeida Mission leased the vessel to hold meetings of the UN Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) in a neutral site.

The RCC includes representatives from the government and the Houthis to oversee implementation of the UN-sponsored agreement on Hodeida.

The government representatives to the RCC demanded the UN Hodeida mission to bring back the government army officers and suspended participation in the meetings following injury of one of their members by Houthis sniper on 11 March.

The injured officer is under treatment at the intensive care unit, according to the government sources.

Chief of the government representatives, Mohamed Eidha, held the UN Hodeida Mission accountable to safety of the government’s members to the RCC.

He demanded the mission to take right measures to ensure safety of everyone on board of the vessel.

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