Islah party calls for more measures against COVID-19 spread

Islah party calls for more measures against COVID-19 spread

Alsahwa Net- General Secretariat of the Islah Party called on the government to take more preventive measures against the COVID-19 spread.

It said that the government should use all resources to prevent spread of the pandemic.

In a statement released on Monday by the secretariat, it said that screening tests of incoming passengers and providing medical supplies and protective items to health facilities must be on top of health measures.

It said that quarantine centers must be established at the country’s ports and at the governorate and district levels.

It called on the Yemeni people to respond positively to instructions by the Yemeni health ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) on self-protection against the infection.

The community responsibility to the public health at this critical stage is highly required to save lives of the Yemeni people, the statement said.

It called on members of the Islah party to effectively participate with the health stakeholders in raising health awareness.

It affirmed on the need of everyone to take all measures that protect individuals, households and the community against the infection.

In this regard, the Islah party condemned detention of passengers by the Houthis militia that confines thousands of travelers coming from the government-held areas and denied their entry into the Houthis-held governorates.

It indicated that keeping large number of people in open area with not even minimum necessities is unhumanitarian and increases risks of the COVID-19 spread.

It called on the United Nations (UN) and the international community to exercise pressures on the Houthis to immediately release the detained passengers.

It said that all detainees in the Houthis-held prions must be released to prevent spread of the pandemic among the inmates.

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