Deputy Speaker calls on government to take measures parallel to corona risks

Deputy Speaker calls on government to take measures parallel to corona risks

Alsahwa net- Deputy Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, Mohsen Ba Sura, called on the government to take preventive measures equivalent to risks of a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

In a letter, directed to the Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmed Al-Khanbashi and President of National Emergency Commission, Ba Sura affirmed that the parliament is ready to ease challenges and do whatever it can do to encounter the global pandemic.

“Daily messages that come from citizens to members of the parliament, suggest that leaders of some governorates and districts took no action to prevent spread of the disease,” Ba Sura wrote on his letter.

Mass events including parties and meetings and wedding parties continue happening in several urban and rural areas with no attention to consequences of such activities should the disease spread, Ba Sura said.

He demanded follow-up to implementation of the government’s health measures to protect the people against the infection.

He added that the government took the right decision when it authorized local authorities of the governorates to take the proper measures against spread of the disease in line to available resources.

However, follow-up of health measures implementation must be done at the national level for safety of the public, Ba Sura said.

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