Houthi court upholds execution sentence against minority leader

Houthi court upholds execution sentence against minority leader

A Houthi court upheld a verdict to execute the leader of the Bahai religious minority,  Hamed bin Haydarah, in a session in Sana'a on Sunday.

The verdict supports the confiscation of the properties of Haydarah and the closure and confiscation of the Bahai community's offices in the country.

The Houthi appellate denied Haydrah the right to attend the session in person or through a lawyer.

The Bahais are a small religious community in Yemen, making up just one percent of the country's non-Muslim population.  In their areas of control, the Shia terrorist theocratic organization of Houthis have erased all forms of dissent and prosecuted compatriots with different religious including the Bahais who constitute 1% of the non-Muslim population of Yemen.

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