Solidarities against coronavirus evokes world's hypocrisy

Solidarities against coronavirus evokes world's hypocrisy

 The international solidarity against the pandemic of covid-19,  while being a good thing, evokes the world's ridiculous hypocrisy.

The international community has for six years been turning a blind eye to the killing and ruining of the lives of the Yemeni people as a positive discrimination in favor Houthis-  the Shia terrorist organization they categorize as a "minority" segment of Yemeni

The religious organization, came into being in the 1990s to pursue "a God-given" dynastical reign as their written literature says, words tell and ghastly actions show

Participating in the national dialogue of 2013-2014 with no patience, Houthi Jihadists were roiling the far north in consecutive bloodbaths and expanding their military grip little by little southwards toward the Sana'a until the seizure of the capital city in 21 September 2014.

Ever since that day, they have killed, maimed and turned into refugees outside the country hundreds of thousands of Yemenis, and caused similarly large numbers of civilian casualties and ruined lives.

Although dubbed as a "minority", they are the descendants of those who solely ruled Yemen for one thousand years until 1962, then wielded power behind the scenes until 2014, and after that regained exclusive rule to this day.  

They are "a minority" but throughout Yemen's history they are the ones who monopolized weapons and enslaved and starved the nation. They are "a minority" but they are the only sect of the Yemeni people who have a religious claim for the right rule to rule unrivaled–a dynastical rule.

They are portrayed by western media as the weakest link in the Yemeni chain but they are the ones who control the population centers by terrorist grip and are the heirs of all the resources and potentials left by the former state - from telecommunications to ballistic missiles.

They are "a minority" but - besieging the pro-government population in a couple of cities and coercing the young in their areas to fight in their ranks – they have turned the majority of Yemenis (supporters of the government) into a besieged minority in effect.   

They are "a minority" but they are the ones who have the upper hand militarily, never talk about "peace" talks and vow to restore the few remaining government back to their control

To punish local opposition, they kill activists by extrajudicial executions and sniper shootings, disappear them indefinitely, torture them to madness or death, mutilate dead corpses, plant hundreds of thousands of landmines in residential areas.   

To counter foreign governments helping the Yemeni government, they fire ballistic missiles into their cities, plant naval mines in the Red Sea and strike their vital interests with drones.

The government forces on the battle field often run short of bullets.

They have - thanks to international collusion- sabotaged Yemen's first democratically transformation attempt in 2014 and have since been killing the Yemeni nation without facing accountability

The UN and world powers - who have throughout the past six years allowed Houthi terrorists to kill and ruin the lives of a whole nation - are now joining a global distaste for an influenza. Hypocrisy!

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