Western media complicit in crimes against young Yemeni girls

Western media complicit in crimes against young Yemeni girls

Sarah Hassan

The western media are complicit in the crimes against young Yemeni girls.

Most of the writings Yemen in these outlets are only dedicated to cast the Houthi regime and the northern Yemen under their control in a good light and the weak Yemeni government and its areas of control in a bad light.

In the shadow of this bias, the brutalities against minor girls – from forced marriages to honor killings- at the hands of Houthis and in their areas of control go unnoticed.

This week the murder of 16-year-old Isbah Mahdi (pictured) by her brothers was a tragic story that  sent shockwaves across the country and eclipsed the news of the war itself inside the country. Yet none of those US or British news websites would follow up on this anecdote.

 Isbah was reportedly killed by her step-brothers at the orders of her father Yahya Mahdi for "bringing shame upon the family", an accusation that even emerged as baseless.

Isbah lived with her brothers in Haraz, a countryside of Sana'a, obviously under the rule of the Houthis where the Shia extremist regime tolerates and itself leads massive abuses against children.

Isbah's three brothers reportedly tortured her with severe beating, starving for three days and finally forced her to drink poison and hanged her.

"Isbah's story is only one of countless heart-breaking stories of violence Yemeni girls that happen in Yemen on a daily basis at the hands of and in the areas of the Shia terrorist regime," Ahmed Abdullah, a Yemeni lawyer says.

"In Taiz, in central Yemen, Houthi snipers have gunned down hundreds of children mainly girls as young as four and five year olds on a continual for six years now with a weird and mysterious ignorance by these media outlets," he says.

Hana Ahmed, an English language student, in Taiz was shocked that the no news website "report such horrible abuses against minors in the Houthi ruled areas."

"These outlets surprisingly give credence only to Houthi narratives which turn fallen Houthi fighters on the ground into civilian casualties." She continues, "but never to stories of brutalities that Houthis commit and allow in their held part of the country."

"How graphic are the pictures of Isbah (coerced into) drinking from that poison bottle and being stained with blood after she was hanged. It is a crime to ignore these crimes happening against children in the areas of the Houthi (regime)."




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