Houthi missile kills civilians in Marib , UN will certainly not condemn it

Houthi missile kills civilians in Marib , UN will certainly not condemn it

The fifth Houthi missile in three days hit the government-held Marib, just now (around  5:20 pm) Thursday and the UN, sure enough, will overlook it as though it did not happen. 
The Shia extremist theocrats on Tuesday fired three various missiles and killed and injured four civilians in Aziraah neighborhood and damaged dozens of buildings in other parts in downtown the city known as the "city of refugees" on account of it housing three million people displaced by the militia. The following day a new missile landed in the city with no casualties. The fifth missile (today Thursday) has just hit Almatar neighborhood in the city and killed and injured six civilians. 
The UN did not condemn the missiles of the past three days nor the of the past years as the Shia extremists continued to carefreely fire ballistic and Katyucha missiles into the heart of a small city, populated by millions of civilians who support the government and oppose the theocratic militia. Just earlier this month the militia captured Aljawf, a province in the north, forcing 25,000 new families to flee to Marib for safety stuffing the small crowded city over capacity. The developments garnered no UN mentioning. Ever since, the Houthis have vowed to capture Marib whatever it takes and in keeping their word have been firing missiles continuously into the city.م That garnered no UN comments, as expected. 
Over the past six years, the UN officials in Yemen have almost openly reflected the views of the Houthis, condemning airstrikes against Houthi fighters and intelligence agents as in the battlefield, while consistently acting blind towards the genocidal warfare the Shia (internal Jihadist) militia wage. 
Mindful of the UN's history of firm bias in Houthis' favor, one can bet beforehand that the UN won't condemn the savage crime of today.

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