37 human rights violations committed in Taiz during February

37 human rights violations committed in Taiz during February

Alsahwa Net- A human rights report said that the Houthis militia committed scores of human rights violations in Taiz city during the past February.

The Human Rights Information and Training Center, (HRITC) a local human rights NGO based in Taiz which prepared the report said that it documented 37 human rights abuses against civilians in Taiz.

Seven civilians among them three children were killed in incidents attributed to the Houthis militia and other non-state armed men, according to the report.

Two children were killed by an explosive device and the other was killed by a Houthis’ sniper, the report said.

One civilian was killed by direct shooting incident by the Houthis and other non-state armed men killed another one in a similar method.

Other anonymous gunmen killed two other civilians.

The report detailed that its documentation workforce has also reported injury of four civilians among them one child and two women.

 The Houthis were blamed for three injury incidents of the wounded civilians, the report said.

Non-state armed men were responsible for injury of one woman.

The report said that the 37 documented violations included abduction and arbitrary. disappearance committed by unknown gunmen.

The unknown gunmen abducted Osama Al-Mazhadi, financial officer of the government’s 35th Armored Brigade and took him to an unknown location.

The report documented also human rights violations committed by the Houthis militia against public and private properties.

Damaged properties included houses and vehicles, according the report.

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