Houthis official threatens use of tribesmen as human shields

Houthis official threatens use of tribesmen as human shields

Alsahwa Net- A Houthis-affiliated official threatened on Monday Yemeni tribesmen to use them human shields if refused to join their fighting against the government’s forces.

The Houthis-affiliated Al-Hahda video Channel published a video statement by one leader of the Houthis, Dhaifallah Rasam who threatened to forcibly recruit the tribesmen to fight for their side.

“We will soon launch a forcible military recruitment and we will make those who refuse human shields,” said Rasam.

The Houthis forced the tribal leaders in 2016 to sign a tribal honor document that obligates tribesmen to mobilize and join the Houthis’ forces against the government forces.

Rasam who comes from Sa’ada, hometown of the Houthis leader, was appointed by the Houthis as chief of the Tribal Solidarity council, a newly established body that engages the tribesmen in the Houthis fighting against the government’s forces.

Yemeni human rights activists criticized Rasam’s statement and said that forcible military recruitment among the tribes will lead to bad consequences.

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