WHO scales up efforts with Yemen to prevent corona outbreak

WHO scales up efforts with Yemen to prevent corona outbreak

Alsahwa Net- The World Health Organization (WHO) reaffirmed that Yemen until now remains free of any corona identified case.

The WHO reported last Wednesday that the infectious disease has become a global pandemic that affected several countries including the Arab region.

It said that the WHO Office in Yemen collaborates with the Ministry of Public Health and Population of the legitimate government in Aden and the health authority of the Houthis militia in Sana’a to raise preparedness and response in the event any corona case is confirmed.

It indicated that any corona outbreak in Yemen will add an additional burden on the health system that works at 50 percent of its full capacity.

It said that preventive measures remain the best method for protection against the pandemic.

The organization highlighted support it provided to health authorities in Sana’a and Aden to ensure well-preparedness to detect corona suspected cases and scale up response efforts.

It said that training of health professionals on case management has been arranged to respond to any possible outbreak.

It said that personal protective equipment and other supplies were delivered to health bodies in Sana’a and Aden.

The Central Public Health Laboratory in both Sana’a and Aden were equipped with the real-time corona detection PCR machine to ensure case detection.

It affirmed on the role of media on awareness and refuting rumors that create panic among the people.

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