Report: Yemen’s war damages women’s right to life

Report: Yemen’s war damages women’s right to life

Alsahwa Net- The Rights Radar for Human Rights, an NGO that documents and advocates human rights in the Arab World, has said that daily abuses continue happening against women in Yemen including women’s right to life.

The organization released on Sunday a special report on women status in Yemen on the occasion of the International Women’s Day-2020.

 The report highlighted major abuses against women since late September 2014 to late December 2019.

The organization said that it documented around 17,000 abuses against women during the reported period.

It said that 919 women were killed and other 1,952 were injured between September 2014 to December 2019 by airstrikes, artillery shelling, landmines blasts and drone attacks.

Around 384 women were abducted during the same period.

The Houthis armed group came first of being responsible to direct death of 668 women, according to the report.

The United States of America (US) is also among parties that the report blamed for women’s death in Yemen.

It indicated US airstrikes killed seven women in Yakla town of Al-Baida governorate back in January 2017.

The Rights Radar called on the UN to obligate parties to the conflict, to respect rules of the international humanitarian law and to pressurize them avoid targeting civilians particularly women and children.

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