Griffiths: Marib must remain safe refuge for displaced people

Griffiths: Marib must remain safe refuge for displaced people

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said on Saturday that Marib had been a safe refuge for thousands of displaced people and it must remain so.

Speaking to media outlets at Marib Governor’s Office, Griffiths said that the fighting must be stopped and that Yemenis deserve to live in peace.

He said that Yemen will slip back into a large-scale conflict and suffering if the peace process has not been resumed.

He indicated that resolving Yemen’s conflict depends only on negotiations based on previous talks.

Griffiths’ one-day visit to Marib is the first since his designation early 2018.

The visit coincides with large-scale military mobilization by the Houthis militia to attack Marib, one of the main strongholds for the legitimate government’s forces.

“I’m here to meet with local authorities, tribal chiefs, civil society, women & youth as well as displaced Yemenis to listen to their concerns and to make sure the world hears them too,” said Griffiths.

He reiterated call for an immediate and unconditional freeze of the violence and that peace desires by parties to the conflict, “must run into immediate action on the ground.”

He added that Yemen cannot stand more war and destruction.

For his part, governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Arada, said that this visit by the UN official to Marib has a great significance as Marib experiences a critical situation.

He said that Mrib has been a hub for constant displacement by civilians who fled Houthis’ intimidations.

One week ago, thousands of people fled Al-Jawf to Marib due to the Houthis’ fighting against the government’s forces.

Marib has been one of the main bases for the government’s forces that fight against the Houthis rebels who seized the capital Sana’a in late September 2014.

Al-Arada reaffirmed that Marib will continue its struggle for retrieval of the state institutions from the rebels.

During his meeting with Griffiths, Al-Arada said that local authority of Marib supports a true peace that ends coup and reinstates the legitimate government.

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