Laying bare UN's shameless bias in favour of Shia militants

Laying bare UN's shameless bias in favour of Shia militants

By Sara Hassan

Despite the lip service of recognizing the Yemeni democratic government over the years, the UN's attitude in Yemen has been one of consistent bias in favour of the Houthis. The UN officials and statements bring the Arab Coalition's rare errant airstrikes - and Houthi false claims in this respect - to spotlight, while ignoring the intentional mass abuses by the Shia terrorist theocratic organization

Quick short example:

The Arab Coalition warplanes killed about 20 Houthis gathering at midnight on February 16 around the wreckage of a Saudi warplane the militants had just downed in the northern province of Aljawf. The UN Humanitarian Coordinator to Yemen quickly decried the airstrike echoing the Houthi claim that the slain were civilians. "So many people are being killed in Yemen – it's a tragedy and it's unjustified," said Lisa Grande's angry statement.

On the other hand, the terrorists captured Aljawf's provincial capital on March 1 - thanks to army peaceful withdrawal and lack of airstrikes- and committed horrific mass abuses: executed pro-government civilians including a medical doctor and relatives of government soldiers who fled the city; rounded up female and male relatives of government soldiers and transported them to Sana'a jails to face indefinite detention and torture; stormed and looted offices and houses of oppositionists; and forced thousands of people mostly women to run for life and set out new displacement journeys on foot in the desert

A UN report issued days later was careless but to attach the blame of the abuses to the airstrikes and clashes!  "Amid reported airstrikes, massive displacement was reported from Al-Hazm (the capital)," read a UNFPA report. It says, "The new report exacerbates displacement caused by renewed clashes."

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