Al-Hadhrami: Houthis’ escalation threatens peace efforts

Al-Hadhrami: Houthis’ escalation threatens peace efforts

Alsahwa Net- The Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami said on Wednesday that Houthis’ continuous escalation and defiance to peace agreement implementation threaten peace efforts in Yemen.

Al-Hadhrami voiced this during the 153rd Ordinary Session of the Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers which took place on the same day at Headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo.

He held the Houthis accountable to consequences of their acts.

He called on the international community and the United Nations (UN) to meet their commitment to force the Houthis militia implement peace agreements and halt military aggressive acts in Marib and Al-Jawf.

The Houthis recent advancement in Al-Jawf has exacerbated the humanitarian situation in the area and caused further internal displacement, according to the UN reports.

He demanded the international community to condemn Iran’s interference in Yemen’s affairs that prolong the war in the country and hinder peace efforts.

Beside the Houthis rebellion in the north, the legitimate government is battling another separation coup in Aden and other nearby governorates by armed southern gunmen known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The government and the STC signed early last November a Saudi-sponsored agreement known as the Al-Riyadh agreement which is intended to end the southern rebellion.

Al-Hadhrami reaffirmed that full implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement is a key step to preservation of Yemen’s unity and stability.

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