Western media: Siding with advancing Shia Jihadists to the end in Yemen?!

Western media: Siding with advancing Shia Jihadists to the end in Yemen?!



By Hani Ebrahim

The western media have sided with the Houthis almost all the time during the six year war that seems now close to taking control of the last key government-held city - in the country's east.

As Houthis are closing in on Marib, the government's de facto capital, the US and European news media outlets persist in covering up the maximalist nature and religious-motivated terrorist handiwork of the Houthi religious organization and casting the legitimate government in bad light.

Everyone knows that the Iran-backed terrorists attempted to blow up a new oil tanker in the international waters off Yemen on Wednesday; had forced  (upon overrunning the northern city of al-Hazm days earlier) thousands of refugee families to re-run for life into the desert; executed medical doctors and activists, and disappeared civilian oppositionists and female relatives of oppositionists who were stuck and could not escape the surprising invasion.

 Googling Yemen in the news today, however, one could see a media blackout on these facts and a lot of stories euphemizing the spike in Houthi atrocities and concealing the victimhood of civilians and material weakness of the government- the legitimate government that represents all Yemenis including these refugees.

As just an example, the London-based Middle East Monitor is publishing a story under the title "Yemen's Houhi government approves plans to cover Saudi Coalition in south, east."

The report not only tampers the image of the theocratic Jihadists, but borrows the terms and labeling that they use and reflects only their view.

It portrays them as de facto "government" with a true cause of resisting "occupation". Advancing a rational picture of the organization, the report goes; "The plan reportedly includes policies that cover four main areas, namely military, security, political and cultural…"

To show the organization as representational and hide the fact that MPs are cooped in Sana'a at gunpoint, the report goes, "Also in attendance were Cabinet and Shura Council members from southern and eastern Yemen provinces"

The Monitors report, dated 5 March, is but one example of how the western news platforms advance have been advancing a positive portrayal of the brutal Shia religious organization at the expense of Yemen's first democratic government from the beginning of the war to its nearing end.   

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