25,000 families displaced from Al-Jawf

25,000 families displaced from Al-Jawf


Alsahwa Net- The Executive Unit for the Management of Internally Displaced People Camps said on Monday that the ongoing fighting in Al-Jawaf forced 25,000 to leave their homes to the nearby Marib governorate.

The fighting intensified in Al-Jawf following large-scale attack by the Houthis against the government forces and civilian areas.

The displaced people unit said that number of the displaced people is on rise and humanitarian needs are much bigger than capacity of the local authority and aid organizations in Marib.

It called on the international humanitarian organizations to act promptly to alleviate the situation.   

It said that continuation of the armed escalation threatens major humanitarian crisis amidst already worse humanitarian situation in Al-Jawf. 

Marib and Al-Jawf in east Yemen, shelter the biggest number of the Yemeni displaced people who fled Houthis-held areas.

The fighting flared up again in Al-Jawf in late last January when the Houthis mobilized large number of their militants in an attempt to capture the area.

The government’s forces said it sent new military reinforcement to recapture sites that Houthis seized last Sunday.


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