Parliamentary delegation meets German State Minister for Foreign Affairs

Parliamentary delegation meets German State Minister for Foreign Affairs

Alsahwa Net- The German State Minister for Foreign Affairs Niels Annen, deplored on Monday Houthis’ crimes against the Yemeni people.

Annen voiced this during a meeting with the Speaker of Yemen’s Parliament, Sultan Al-Barakani and other members of parliament at the German Federal Foreign Office.    

Al-Barakani appreciated support which Germany provides to Yemen in various aspects particularly development.

He discussed Yemen’s latest political developments and the peace efforts to end the ongoing conflict in line to the agreed references that include UN resolutions on Yemen, the national dialogue conference document and the Gulf power transfer plan.

He said that the Houthis remain defiant despite determination by the Yemen’s leadership for peace. 

He said that implementation of the agreed references is a key element for achieving peace in Yemen.

He said that the government is also working hard for implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement that is intended to end separation rebellion in Aden and other nearby southern governorates.

He indicated that the Iranian scheme in Yemen threatens the Arab’s security.

The Houthis rebelled against the government in late September 2014 and this coup has damaged democracy in Yemen and abused women’s rights, Al-Barakani said.

For his part, Annen, reiterated his country’s support to the Yemeni legitimate government.

He denounced Houthis’ acts against civilians and missile attacks against places of worship.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammed Al-Shadadi, members of the Parliament, Zaid Al-Shami, Omer Mohsen Al-Amoodi, Ali Al-Ma’mari, Abdurrahman Al-Oshbi attended the meeting. 

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