Yemen takes preventive measures against Coronavirus

Yemen takes preventive measures against Coronavirus

Alsahwa Net- Yemen says on Thursday that it took preventive measures against the coronavirus spread as the virus appeared in the nearby Arab countries.

Undersecretary of the Health Ministry for Primary Healthcare, Ali Al-Waleedi said that Yemen until now remains free of the coronavirus.

Al-Waleedi made this statement during an awareness workshop organized by the ministry in Aden to educate media professionals and health educators on the virus prevention.

He said that the health authority has coordinated with management of the Aden airport and Al-Rayyan Airport to check incoming passengers to prevent the virus spread to Yemen.

He refuted news on setting up a health quarantine at the government-run Friendship Hospital in Yemen to receive foreign corona cases.

He explained that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offered to the Yemeni government setting up a health quarantine for the Yemeni students to be evacuated from China for a 14-day medical checkup.

The isolated students to be released once they are diagnosed infection free according to the health official.

Yet he did not say how the government responded to the UAE offer on the quarantine.

Fear and concern spread among Yemenis over the corona spread to their country as the health system experiences unprecedented deterioration.

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