Griffiths condemns escalation in Al-Jawf

Griffiths condemns escalation in Al-Jawf

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths deplored on Friday recent military escalation in Al-Jawf and called parties to the conflict to halt the ongoing fighting.

A fresh fighting flared up late last January in Nehm of Sana’a, parts of Marib and parts of Al-Jawf between the government’s forces and the Houthis rebels.

“I’m deeply disappointed and dismayed by the continued wave of military escalation in Yemen. I am particularly alarmed by this reckless military attitude which runs counter to the stated desires of all sides to reach a political solution,” Griffiths said.

“Those who seek to gain from this escalation in Al Jawf are seriously undermining the prospects of peace that the people of Yemen so urgently deserve” Griffiths said.

He reaffirmed “there is no alternative to a negotiated political settlement.

The fresh fighting has already caused a new displacement among households who live in the frontlines, according to the UN reports.

The UN said in February that armed clashes in Marib, Nehm of Sana’a and western areas of Al-Jawf have forced over 5,000 families to leave their homes.

“Yemenis continue to pay an enormously high price for this war. Yemeni people deserve better than a life of perpetual war and their leaders must heed their desire immediately,” Griffiths said.

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