Houthis impose more restrictions on citizens

Houthis impose more restrictions on citizens

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militia continues imposing more restrictions on citizens to exercise more intimidations.

Personal freedoms in the Houthis-held areas are now more vulnerable to tighten security measures.

The Houthis-affiliated Security and Intelligence Service has recently instructed all the Houthis-run state departments to provide database copy of all their departments, the Military Mouthpiece 26 September Net reported.

A copy of the memo sent by the Houthis-run security service to the state-run departments, has requested attachment of personal photos of the public personnel and any task related to the department.

Human rights activists say that the step represents a serious human rights violation and indicates more restrictions on personal freedoms.

US sanctions Iraqi militia leaders involved in sending militants to Yemen

Alsahwa Net- The United States Treasury Department has enlisted three Lebanese individuals and 12 Iraqi entities to the its sanction-list on links to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The list included Qasim Bezi, leader of the Hezbollah’s-affiliated Al-Shohoda foundation and Jawad Mohammed Shafeeq, the military recruitment officer for sending fighters to Syria and Yemen.

Gas stations owned by Hezbollah-linked individuals have been also added to the sanction-list.

A statement by the US treasury said that it will keep focusing on intensifying measures against Hezbollah’s financial activity.

It called for information on any property or asset in the USA owned by individuals linked to the Hezbollah.

The US treasury sanctioned in December Lebanese individuals and firms involved in financing Hezbollah militia.

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