Griffiths holds consultative meeting despite Stockholm agreement failure

Griffiths holds consultative meeting despite Stockholm agreement failure

Alsahwa Net-   The United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, concluded on Thursday a two-day consultative meeting in Amman of Jordan with Yemeni political leaders and political activists to discuss ways to resume Yemen’s peace talks.

Griffiths’ office said that the meeting discussed ways to move forward with an inclusive and comprehensive political process for peace in Yemen.

Yemeni sources quoted by the Saudi-state-run Okaz Newspaper said that Griffith pressurizes for political talks resumption with no attention to the great failure to the Stockholm agreement implementation.

The paper said that Griffiths claims positive results in Hodeida despite no progress on the security and management of the governorate.

The sources said that representatives of the Yemeni parties who attended the meeting, have informed Griffith that a comprehensive political process depends on trust building, release of detainees and prisoners, implementation of the Stockholm agreement, and end of the siege on Taiz city.

The representatives affirmed that Yemen’s political parties support the efforts by the legitimate government to go to successful political talks, but not to more failure.     

They said that the Houthis’ military escalation in various warfronts is a solid evidence that the Houthis militia is not serious about peace. 

In this respect, the UN Security Council (UNSC) reaffirmed on late Tuesday its commitment to Yemen’s unity, sovereignty and stability.

It released a new resolution on Yemen that stressed on necessity of resolving the Yemen conflict by political means and implementation of a comprehensive political transition.

The Yemeni government welcomed the new UNSC resolution on renewal of the sanctions on individuals and entities that threaten Yemen’s peace and security.

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Abdullah Al-Sa’di, said that results of the recent UN Panel of Experts report on Yemen demonstrate important role by the UNSC towards end of the Yemen crisis that causes a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

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