US official: donors to suspend aids to Houthis-held areas

US official: donors to suspend aids to Houthis-held areas

Alsahwa Net- International donors and aid groups have planned to suspend aids to the Houthis-held areas in Yemen in the few coming months if the Houthis never halts hindrance to aids delivery, a senior American official quoted by Reutters on Tuesday.

“Each donor and implementer is drawing up plans on how to, what to do if the Houthis do not change their behavior on the ground,” the official said.

The plans include suspension of assistance programs with exceptions for lifesaving programs such as feeding sick children, according to Reutters.

The Houthis have been given between one to two-moth deadline to change their hindering behavior before donors and aid groups implement their threat.

Aid groups have complained during the past year of worsening operation conditions including lack of travel permits and other restrictions on aids delivery. 

In this respect, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID, said it has been extremely concerned that the Houthis had worsened the crisis effects by interfering in aid operations.

The acting USAID spokesperson Pooja Jhunjhunwala said that the USAID is working on a future plan “that allows U.S. aid to continue uninterrupted, but are taking steps to plan ahead with our partners so they can safely and responsibly adjust programming should we be forced to reduce aid”.

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