By Sara Hassan

I firmly believe that almost no western media (and sometimes UN media) report about Yemen without misrepresenting the truth of what is happening in Yemen, by purposeful bias (usually in Houtis' favor) or by ignorance

This has been the case for years now, and I am feeling it is my duty to bring such biased articles to the spotlight, as much as I can.

Today's example of such faulty reports is  Borzou Daragahi 's article, on the Independent, under the title:  "Western powers could help conclude the war in Yemen swiftly…"

The article goes, "Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched the conflict against the surging Houthi rebels because the armed group was viewed as a proxy of their arch-rival Iran and a danger to the Arabian Peninsula monarchies."  

My comment:  It is a recorded fact that the war erupted because the Houthi armed group mounted a coup in 21 September 2014 and the legitimate President Hadi requested an Arab intervention months later

Another paragraph goes, "But the longer the war continues, the more closely the Houthis are allying with Iran, and the better the group’s military capabilities become, posing even graver security threats to the Saudi kingdom."

My comment: This raises questions: What and who is making them under this military pressure campaign grow stronger?!

Secondly, the broad satisfaction in Yemen is that the war should be prosecuted, not concluded, swiftly. Houthis are a religious organization that came into being in the 1990s to pursue "Wilayat al-Batnein" a dynastical rule that its founders believe is "a God-given right."

Next, if such diehard extremist theocrats gain more military power in their time of war (with a coalition of modern armies), is it a safety measure to conclude the war with them swiftly?!

Generally, my argument is that it is misleading to promote just "discontinuing the war" where it is. Discontinuing the war without a full defeat of the Houthis will only allow these savagely violent theocrats to kill, detain and torture the part of the Yemeni population opposed to them at their own leisure. The terrorist theocrats have sidestepped all past proposals for peace that may lead to them sharing power with others. They are fighting "a holy war" in the cause of "Wilayat al-Batnein" and have killed thousands of people, and have detained, disappeared and tortured thousands others, most of whom are civilian oppositionists!

A terrorist theocratic organization who want to stay true to their full principles and bend their government and nation to their will by force should be met with nothing less than force until their full defeat.






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