Militias prosper in Yemen by income loss and low access to education

Militias prosper in Yemen by income loss and low access to education

Alsahwa Net- The loss of incomes and poor access to education forced teachers and students to join militias that share control of large territory of the country.

The education issue receives little attention when compared to other military and political issues.

Yet, unresponsiveness to the issue will bring about bad consequences in the short and long-term.

Public teachers in the Houthis-held areas have been unpaid for over four years and this situation led to open military recruitment among leaders of the militias in Yemen.

Thousands of children are already out of schools due to absence of teachers who stopped going to work for no monthly payment.

In return, the Houthis militia who control the populous northern part of the country replace registered teachers with their affiliated instructors who teach a changed curriculum to promote the Houthis’ ideology.

This left teachers and students with bitter options; either to join the Houthis militia, go hungry or leave the school.

The government and the international community have not taken any decision yet to solve the problem which brings about disastrous results on the future of Yemen’s generations.

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