Houthis committed over 2,000 crimes in Dhamar

Houthis committed over 2,000 crimes in Dhamar

Alsahwa Net- A new human rights report said that the Houthis militia has committed over 2,000 crimes in Dhamar governorate since they controlled it late 2014.

Shumool Organization for Media and Human Rights which prepared the report, said that the Houthis committed 158 abductions and forcible disappearance between late 2014 to December 2019 against citizens of Dhamar.

In each abduction incident, the Houthis militants stormed houses and opened fire inside civilians’ houses taking the victim by force to unknown detention site, the report said.

“Such acts terrorize women and children and intimidate the victim,” the report said.

The Houthis often target their political opponents with various kinds of intimidation including arrests, forcible disappearance, arrests of relatives and confiscation of properties.

Majority of abduction cases in Dhamar took place at Houthis-manned checkpoints, according to the report.

Following their sizure of Dhamar in late 2014, the Houthis set up scores of new security checkpoints at entrance of Dhamar capital city and other districts of Dhamar.

It said that victims of abduction were vulnerable to various forms of torture in which some detainees died because of such brutal treatment.

Some detainees were also placed intentionally in military targets that were bombed by the Saudi-led military warplanes, the report said.

It added that other detainees who remain in detention suffer chronic diseases because of long-time confinement and lack of health care inside prisons.

It said that some civilian detainees were freed for a ransom or for a swap with the Houthis war prisoners arrested by the government forces.

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