Coast Guard seizes illegal shipment bound for Houthis

Coast Guard seizes illegal shipment bound for Houthis

Alsahwa Net- The Coast Guard Forces said on Saturday that it seized on Thursday illegal shipment en route to the Houthis militia.

The shipment is about 200 tons of urea that the Houthis militants use for manufacturing explosive devices.

Commander of the Coast Guard Forces in the Red Sea Block, Abduljabar Al-Zahzooh, said that preliminary investigations suggest that the shipment was bound for the Houthis-held Hodeida port.

Few days ago, the Coast Guard Forces stopped another suspicious boat that was accompanied by two small boats.

3,000 liters of gas, two Thuraya Satellite phones and other 19 communication devices were found on board of the suspicious boat, according to Al-Zahzooh.

“Investigation with the boat crew confirmed that the captured boat was set up for a terror plot,” he said.

He said that the Coast Guard is doing their best for securing liberated Yemeni coasts and islands of the Red Sea.

He indicated that the Coast Guard forces deploy regularly maritime patrols to secure the Yemeni coasts and the world maritime navigation at the Strait of Bab Elmandeb.

The Coast Guard forces seized several illegal shipments during the past months, Al-Zahzooh noted.

“All illegal shipments including weapons, banned pesticides and drugs will be seized,” said Al-Zahzooh.

The US pentagon said last Thursday that two shipments that the American Naval forces captured late last year in the Arabian Sea included missiles and weapon parts that were bound for the Houthis rebels in Yemen.

The pentagon official say that Iran continues smuggling weapons to the Houthis which violates the UN arms embargo on Yemen.

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