Griffiths: violence renewal could reverse peace gains

Griffiths: violence renewal could reverse peace gains

Alsahwa Net- The United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said on Tuesday during a briefing to the UN Security Council that renewal of violence in Yemen could reverse gains made for peace.

“I have briefed this Council several times on the signs of hope and momentum towards peace, we are witnessing in Yemen what we have long feared,” Griffiths said.

He called on the Yemeni parties to respect de-escalation in Hodeida.

The government and the Houthis agreed last Sunday on a new release of prisoners and detainees.

Griffiths said that the international community looks forward to the release implementation of the prisoners as soon as possible.

“I am distressed by reports of the dozens and possibly hundreds of civilian casualties, displacement of families and damage to schools and hospitals,” Griffiths said.

 “Women and children continue to suffer most from several attacks,” he said.

He added that “Yemeni journalists and civil society activists have also continued to face severe pressure and restrictions on their activities and their publications”.

He indicated that he is alarmed by the condition of the safer oil tanker and that any rupture could spill over a million barrels of oil into the Red Sea, causing an environmental and economic catastrophe for Yemen and its neighbors.”

He affirmed that “peace in Yemen can only emerge from a political compromise between both parties through a process mediated by the United Nations,”.

He said that peace will not be resolved from a position of military dominance.


He called on the Yemeni parties to unite around a vision for a post-conflict Yemen in line with the relevant UNSC resolutions.

This vision on post-war Yemen includes inclusive government and a political transition process; a military and security arrangements sector that safeguards all Yemenis and reconstruction of the country’s economic institutions, Griffiths said.

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