Discrimination against marginalized people even in death

Discrimination against marginalized people even in death

Alsahwa Net- Discrimination practiced by the Houthis militia is not only confined to their opponents, it is also being exercised against their affiliated fighters of certain social classes.

The Houthis-affiliated fighters who come from tribal origins or marginalized groups such as the black-skinned people are vulnerable to inferior treatment by the Houthis officials.

However, fighters of the marginalized people are subject to more abuse and discrimination by leaders of the Houthis militia.

Leaving one’s family, work and school do not stand enough for the Houthis’ leadership to treat the black-skinned fighters equally with others.

“The slave remains a salve even if he joined us and chanted our slogan,” one of the Houthis’ leaders say in reference to the black-skinned people.

The Houthis officials use the bad economic status of this social class to recruit new fighters for little amounts of cash payment and food rations the Houthis steal from food stores of the UN agencies.

Households of the marginalized groups are supposed to obtain foods aids without being politically extorted or abused by the Houthis’ authority.

Yet, quarters’ leaders and Houthis officials do field visits to neighborhoods inhibited mostly by marginalized communities for attracting below-20 year- male adults to join the Houthis educational training courses in preparation to be sent to the warfronts.

Visits of military recruitment by the Houthis officials to the marginalized communities in Sana’a increased significantly following the fighting renewal in Nehm, nearby the capital Sana’a. 

Families who refuse to send their children to join the Houthis, are threatened by deleting their names from lists of food beneficiaries.

“These are black-skinned people, they are dirty and their bodies smell bad. In the warfront, we leave their bodies to the birds,” said Ibrahim Kharis, a Houthis-affiliated official.

Unlike other fighters, bodies of the black-skinned fighters do not return home because of their color and social class, Kharis confirmed.

Over one million people of the black-skinned people live in Yemen and they reside in isolated slums and have poor access to education and health care.

Over 800 men of the marginalized people have been recruited by the Houthis officials during the past four years according to a report released by Bilal’s Children Society in Yemen.

“It is rare to see a fighter of the marginalized people return live.  Their bodies never return,” said Shamel, one of the marginalized in a conversation with Alsahwa Net.

Rashed Al-Amlasi, a human rights activist of the marginalized people who advocates for defending discrimination against his community said that the issue needs international humanitarian action to stop segregation and humiliation that reached unprecedented levels.

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