Yemen: Houthis agree on reversal of tax on humanitarian aid

Yemen: Houthis agree on reversal of tax on humanitarian aid

Alsahwa Net-  Under regional and international pressures, the Houthis have agreed on reversal of tax application on humanitarian aides, a United Nations (UN) official said.

The official said that the Houthis reversed their decision on imposing two percent tax on aid money.

Officials of the Yemeni government and Yemeni activists have also reaffirmed importance of constant pressures on the Houthis to allow smooth flow of the humanitarian aids and access to the needy people in the Houthis-held areas.

“There must be an international and national mechanism that guarantees delivery of the humanitarian aids to the needy people,” Yemeni former minister of human rights, Hooria Mashhoor, said in a statement quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper.

She said that there must be independent monitoring methods to prevent stealing of the aids.

The latest report by UN Panel of experts said that the Houthis impede access of humanitarian agencies to the needy people.

The report indicated that food and medical aids expire in stores due to delivery delay to intended beneficiaries by the Houthis militia.

Humanitarian aid personnel are also exposed to threats, detention and many administrative and bureaucratic procedures by the Houthis that hinder access to the needy households in the Houthis-held areas, the report said.

A new memo by the Houthis indicated suspension of the two percent –tax application on the humanitarian aids for 2020.

The FPA news agency quoted a UN official who said that cancelation of the tax on the humanitarian aid is a positive development.

However, he indicated that other crucial issues such as hindrance of access and bureaucracy must be resolved.

UN officials and leaders of humanitarian agencies discussed last Thursday a collective response to the Houthis-planned tax application on the humanitarian aids.

The Houthis-newly established body which is known as the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA), proposed late last year two-percent tax on operational budgets of humanitarian agencies. 

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