Houthis officials in Dhamar make illegal wealth from propane gas

Houthis officials in Dhamar make illegal wealth from propane gas

Alsahwa Net-  Official of the Houthis militia continue mismanagement of propane gas allocated for households’ consumption in Dhamar governorate.

The Marib-based Yemeni Gas Company, a government-run company sends every day between six to eight propane gas trucks to Dhamar governorates at official price that does not exceed YR1,200 per 20-Kg cylinder. 

However, the Houthis officials in Dhamar unload the allocated daily quantity of the gas to their private gas stations and sell it later to the black market in Dhamar city. 

The Houthis officials sell little part of the daily gas ration to citizens at much higher price that exceeds YR3,000 per 20-kg cylinder.

The YR1,800 extra charge goes to private accounts of the Houthis officials who use this illegal gains for financing their war against the people of Yemen.

The average price of the 20-kg propane gas cylinder in the black market is YR8,000 which suggests huge illegal affluence by the Houthis officials from this ill process.

A resident in Dhamar said that people line up every week waiting for arrival of the propane gas that is sold to citizens by quarters’ leaders.

However, approximately two thirds of the waiting people return home with no gas due to shortage of supply.

Yet, the gas is available in the black market at unfordable price, the resident said.

He said that poor households who are unable to buy the gas from the hidden market, use remains of trees and card boxes to cook their foods.

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