Prime minister leaves Aden amid obstruction of Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

Prime minister leaves Aden amid obstruction of Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

Alsahwa Net- The Yemen’s Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik left Aden On Wednesday to Saudi Arabia, the state-run Saba News Agency reported.

Departure of the prime minister from Aden coincides with continuation of obstruction to implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement by the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an armed separation group based in Aden. 

The government and the STC signed early last November Al-Riyadh agreement that was intended to end rebellion by the STC in Aden and other nearby governorates of south Yemen. 

Yet, the STC showed constant hindrance to implementation of the agreement and banned government’s forces from entering Aden, the interim base of the legitimate government. 

Abdulmalik is scheduled to meet the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi in Al-Riyadh of Saudi Arabia to discuss latest developments and the government’s efforts to normalize the situation and improve the public service in the government-held areas, according to Saba.

Both the prime minister and the president will also discuss military and security developments in light of recent escalation by the STC militants.

A newly released report by the United Nations (UN) panel of experts said that the ongoing clashes at Shabwa and Abyan border suggest that the situation in south Yemen remains volatile despite limited progress in implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement.

The government accused on Sunday the STC of obstructing implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement.  

The government’s spokesman, Rageh Badi said on Sunday that the STC militants intercepted on Saturday forces of government’s Coast Defense Brigade while on its way to Aden.

The STC militants opened fire at the government’s forces that were accompanied by Saudi military personnel, Badi said.

The Yemen’s foreign minister, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami warned on the same day against consequences of continued obstruction to implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement by the STC.  

Al-Hadhrami said that the government still confident that the Saudis who sponsored the agreement take actions to make the STC stops obstruction to the agreement implementation.




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