Shabwa: Pro-2011 revolution activists demand President Hadi’s return to Yemen

Shabwa: Pro-2011 revolution activists demand President Hadi’s return to Yemen

Alsahwa Net- The pro-2011 revolution activists demanded on Tuesday return of the country’s exiled president Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi to Yemen to exercise his duties from the homeland.

This was voiced by the pro-democracy activists who celebrated on Tuesday in Ataq city of Shabwa, east Yemen, the 9th anniversary of Yemen’s 11 February peaceful revolution.

The 11 February marks the beginning of the peaceful revolution that took place in 2011 across Yemeni governorates demanding change of the regime.

The 2011 uprising led to the departure of former President Ali Abdullah who ruled Yemen for 33 years and brought his deputy then Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi to the office in 2012.

But, Saleh retaliated in 2014 against his ousting from the office by assisting the Houthis rebels to capture the capital Sana’a which eventually led to the exile of President Hadi and his government to Saudi Arabia.

The latter began in March 2015 a military campaign against the Houthis rebels in an attempt to restore the government and end the Houthis’ coup.

However, Hadi has been in exile in Al-Riyadh of Saudi Arabia since the Saudi-led coalition started the fighting against the Houthis rebels.

The pro-democracy activists demanded that Hadi and his government return home to run the country and establish the state of rule over Yemen’s entire territory.

They said that the Houthis rebels work for reinstatement of the northern Yemen monarchy system which is known as the Imamates’ rule that was ended by the 26 September 1962 revolution.

They called on the people of Yemen to stand together for the state retrieval from the Houthis militia that rebelled against objectives of the peaceful uprising in 2011 and against the former 1962 revolution.

So far the 2011 uprising has prepared Yemen for a real change that was embodied by the National Dialogue Conference document that proposed for a federal system in Yemen of six regions.   

Yet, Shabwa itself witnessed a violent attempt of rebellion against the government in the past September by a local separation militia that was established and funded by the United Arab Emirates, a member of the Saudi-led coalition.

The pro-democracy activists appreciated the local authority of Shabwa for managing to end the rebellion, restore security and public service in the governorate.

They called on the people of Shabwa to be united for working towards benefit of Shabwa over personal and partisan advantages.

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