Islah renews confidence on Saudis to end obstruction to Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

Islah renews confidence on Saudis to end obstruction to Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

Alsahwa Net- Senior officials of the Islah Party in Yemen renewed on Tuesday their confidence on Saudi Arabia to end obstruction by southern rebels to Al-Riyadh agreement implementation.

This was articulated during a meeting between the Islah’s officials and the Chinese Ambassador to Yemen, Kang Yong.

The Islah’s officials who attended the meeting included member of the Higher Committee of the Islah Party and chief of Islah’s Parliamentary Block, Abdulrazaq Al-Hajri, deputy chief of the Islah’s Parliamentary Block and Chief-executive Officer of the party in Aden, Ansaf Mayo and deputy chief of the Islah’s Media Department, Adnan Al-Odaini.

Leadership of the Islah expressed their solidarity with China in combating the coronavirus and offered condolences to the Chinese government on victims who lost their lives by the infection. 

Leadership of the Islah party and the Chinese diplomat have also discussed joint issues and latest developments on the Al-Riyadh agreement and causes of its hindrance to implementation.

Leadership of the Islah party reaffirmed importance of full implementation of all terms of Al-Riyadh agreement.

They affirmed that implementation of the agreement is necessary for the return of the state institutions to the interim capital Aden.

They indicated that implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement will enable the government to restore public service, impose security and be prepared for development and terror combating.

They expressed disappointment to hindrance to Al-Riyadh agreement implementation by the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an armed group and a main party to the agreement.

The Al-Riyadh agreement which was signed early last November between the government and the STC is intended to end armed rebellion by the latter that seized Aden and other nearby governorates early last August.

The Islah says that it is still confident on the Saudi government that sponsored signing of the agreement to remove challenges placed by the STC to implementation of the agreement.

Leadership of the Islah appreciated its strong relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and valued role of China which is one of the 18 countries that sponsor political process in Yemen.

They also valued China’s significant contribution to Yemen’s economy and development.

The Islah’s leadership reaffirmed that the Islah is determined for achieving a real and sustainable peace in Yemen in a way that ends coup and ensures return of the state institutions and renounce of violence by the Houthis rebels.

They affirmed that any peace agreement must be based on the three agreed references.

For his part, the Chinese diplomat expressed his gratitude to the Islah party and its leadership and all Yemeni parties that displayed solidarity with China in combating the coronavirus.

He reviewed efforts by his country in providing assistance to the Yemeni students in China.

Yong has also appreciated Islah’s positions that support peace process in Yemen.

He said that China and the Islah party share the same viewpoints on several issues particularly on the full implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement.

He said that Al-Riyadh agreement represents a key solution to resolve the southern issue and the Yemeni crisis in general.

He renewed his country’s support for a comprehensive peace process to solve the crisis based on the three agreed references.

He said that his country is eager to expand cooperation and partnership with Yemen and to participate in Yemen’s reconstruction.

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