Report: Houthis torture detainees in Taiz, extort their families

Report: Houthis torture detainees in Taiz, extort their families

Alsahwa Net- The detainees in the Al-Saleh detention camp of Taiz city are vulnerable to various forms of torture by the Iran-backed Houthis rebels, a report by Sam Human Rights Organization said.

A human rights taskforce was able to meet 27 victims of people who had been detained in the same detention place.

The Al-Saleh detention camp is composed of 20 buildings that are divided into five prisons that are run by five different Houthis-run security services, according to the report.

The Houthis use also other nearby buildings as residence for their leaders and military hardware stores as well as launching points of missiles and shells that for bombing Taiz city.

People interviewed by the report are panicked when they hear name of the detention camp due to severe physical and psychological torture they had in the place.

“The Al-Saleh detention camp has become a nightmare for residents of Taiz city. The people of Taiz have been renowned of education and renounce of weapon use prior the Houthis-imposed siege on the city in early 2015,” the report said.  

It said that atrocities committed by the Houthis against the detainees in this detention camp are similar to Tadmur Prison in Syria and Bastil of France.

The report documents different types of inhumane treatment including starvation, and ban of access to hygiene, sunlight and ventilation.

The Houthis detain people in Al-Saleh detention camp for several purposes including punishment, forcible military recruitment, hostages for exchange of detainees with the war prisoners and financial extortion on detainees’ relatives,” the report said.

The report said that 51 private prisons exist throughout Taiz city.

The Houthis manage 29 prisons out of the total private detention facilities, the government forces run nine private prisons and other nine prisons are managed by forces affiliated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the western coast.

Private prisons in Yemen are illegal and parties to the conflict set up such secret facilities to disappear their opponents and inflict retaliation to the arbitrary detainees, the report noted.


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