FM: STC’s obstruction to Al-Riyadh agreement will backfire

FM: STC’s obstruction to Al-Riyadh agreement will backfire

Alsahwa Net- Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, Foreign Minister of the legitimate government warned against consequences to continuous obstruction to implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement by the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an armed separation group based in Aden,  

The STC militants banned on Saturday government’s forces and Saudi military personnel from entering Aden, the interim base of the government.

Al-Hadhrami said that implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement is a must and it is irreversible.

Al-Hadhrami voiced this during a meeting that he had with ambassadors of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to Yemen.

Al-Hadhrami discussed with the diplomats Yemen’s latest developments including escalation by the Houthis rebels in Al-Jawf, Nehm and Marib and obstruction to Al-Riydah agreement implementation by the STC.

He also highlighted obstruction to the humanitarian work and ban of maintenance to a government Safer oil –tank in the Red Sea by the Houthis militia.

He presented a table of the implementation matrix of Al-Riyadh agreement that displays commitment by the government and obstruction and rejection by the STC to the agreement.

He indicated that the STC works hard for failing the Al-Riyadh agreement.

Yet, the Yemeni government remains confident that Saudi Arabia that sponsored signing of the agreement will resolve the ongoing defiance by the STC to implementation of the agreement, according to Al-Hadhrami.

He said that the government is waiting for actions by Saudi Arabia to force the STC to stop its obstruction to implementation of the agreement.

In respect to the Houthis’ rebellion in the north, Al-Hadhrami said that the Houthis use the ceasefire agreement on Hodeida to mobilize their forces to other warfronts.

He threatened that the government will review its position to the Hodeida ceasefire agreement since it is not viable anymore for supporting peace efforts.

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