Government: STC attempts fresh fighting in South Yemen

Government: STC attempts fresh fighting in South Yemen

Alsahwa Net- The legitimate government of Yemen has accused the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an armed separation group based in Aden, of new attempts for military escalation in several southern governorates.

STC which led a military rebellion against the government in Aden early last August banned on Saturday government forces from entering Aden.

The government spokesman Rageh Badi said that the government forces were on their way to Lahj when the STC militants stopped the forces nearby Aden.

He explained that deployment of the government forces to Lahj is part of steps related to implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement.

STC militants opened fire at the government forces which were accompanied by Saudi military personnel, according to Badi.

Other STC militants in Al-Alam checkpoint on entrance to Aden, have also opened fire at the government forces and banned them from crossing into Lahj.

“The government forces were exposed to various forms of provocation by the STC militants in an attempt to bring about new fighting,” said Badi.

“However, the government forces exercised maximum restraint and had to go back,” he said.

STC militants received instructions from their leadership to ban the government’s forces from crossing into Aden, Badi said.

The deployment of the government forces was in line to agreed steps by STC and the government to implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement, according to Badi.

He said that such practices and breaching to the Al-Riyadh agreement demonstrate real intention by STC towards Al-Riyadh agreement.

He indicated that ban of the government forces from entering Aden is not merely a rebellion against the government, but a total rejection to the Al-Riyadh agreement.

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