STC militants ban government’s forces from entering Aden

STC militants ban government’s forces from entering Aden

Alsahwa Net- Militants of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an armed separation group based in south Yemen, banned on Sunday government forces and other Saudi military personnel from entering Aden, the interim base of the legitimate government.

Military sources told Alsahwa Net that the STC militia in Al-Alam Checkpoint, nearby Aden, has banned the Saudi military personnel and the government forces of the Coat Defense Brigade from entering Aden.

The Saudi military personnel who were banned from entering Aden are members to the Al-Riyadh Implementation Committee which is tasked of supervising reorganizing local armed groups in Aden and redeployment of the government forces in the city.

Both the government and the STC signed early last November the Al-Riyadh agreement that is intended to end southern rebellion in Aden and nearby governorates.   

The government forces that were supposed to enter Aden in line to the Al-Riyadh agreement and the Saudi army officers remain at Al-Alam Security Checkpoint amid warplanes hovering by the Saudi-led coalition on the area.

The government forces that were held at entrance of Aden moved from Abyan towards Aden in line to the Al-Riyadh agreement matrix, the government officials say.

The STC militia obstructs implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement by mobilizing militants in several areas of Aden and Lahj and rejection to hand over weapons.

In this respect, the National Coalition of Yemeni Political Parties has called for acceleration of implementation to the Al-Riyadh agreement to unify all the anti-Houthis forces under the state’s control.

It said that such steps will consolidate the state of rule and end corruption practices in the state departments. 


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