Houthis militia cooperates with assassins in Al-Dhala’

Houthis militia cooperates with assassins in Al-Dhala’ صورة تعبيرية

Alsahwa Net- Cooperation between the Houthis militia and murder teams can be obviously seen in assassination crimes against anti-Houthis leaders in the government-held areas.

 These assassinations are intended to divide the pro-government forces and silence any community leader that opposes mutiny schemes adopted armed groups.

Leadership of the Islah party, that took the lead in resistance against the Houthis’ military expansion says murder teams use the security vacuum to carry out their atrocities against the community leaders.

“However, they forget that they will be brought to justice once the state has been retrieved,” the Islah party said.

Al-Dhal’a governorate is one of the areas that saw a number of murder crimes done by anonymous gunmen against community leaders of the Islah party.

The murder of Abdulraqeeb Quzee, a leader of the Islah Party has been the latest incident of those crimes.

Quzee was killed last Thursday by unknown gunmen on a motorbike in Al-Dhala’ city.

 Similar crimes are expected to continue amid growing insecurity and unresponsiveness by the security services to pursue perpetrators.

Quzee is the third Islahi leader to be killed by murder teams.

 Zaki Al-Saqladi, a journalist of the Islah Party was also killed on 5 October 2018.

  Khaled Ghaiman, a leader of the Islah Party was murdered in a similar incident on 25 July 2019 in the same area.

 Mohamed Al-Hashemi and Jamal Muqbel, both anti-Houthis leaders were killed in alike method  in the same area during the past year.

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