Fact-finding committee to investigate arbitrary disappearance in Aden

Fact-finding committee to investigate arbitrary disappearance in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Commander of the Saudi-led coalition in Aden has formed a fact-finding committee to investigate forcibly disappearance in the city, the Abductees’ Mothers Association said.

This was confirmed during a meeting attended by female representatives of the association with security and military leaders and prison governors with commander of the Saudi-led coalition.

Scores of arbitrary detainees and disappeared people have been in confinement since over four years by local armed militia affiliated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Aden with no information about their conditions. 

Formation of the fact-finding committee on the forcibly disappeared people came in response to repeated calls by the detainees’ female relatives to the authority to disclose fate of their family members.

A statement by the association said that commander of the Saudi-led coalition promised communication with the female relatives to the forcibly disappeared people to obtain information about abduction of their relatives.

The Saudi official affirmed that female relatives have the right to know fate of their relatives and end their ongoing year-long suffering.

He asked the concerned security leaders to cooperate with the detainees’ relatives and to soon disclose their fate

A number of women spoke during the meeting about details of forcible disappearance made against their relatives.

The association said that this step is good, but hopes that it will create tangible results towards release of all forcibly disappeared people.

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