Government deplores Houthis-missile attack against civilians in Marib

Government deplores Houthis-missile attack against civilians in Marib

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen deplored on Thursday the Houthis-ballistic missile attack that targeted on Wednesday's evening civilians’ quarter in Marib city.

The attack resulted into death of civilians including children and women.

A statement by the cabinet of the internationally recognized government said that international tolerance to implementation of the UN resolutions on Yemen made the Houthis continue doing such crimes that parallel atrocities by terror groups such as the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda.

It indicated that waiting for the Houthis to respond to peace efforts is just a misleading and deceiving action since the Houthis move only by Tehran instructions and work only for the interests of the Iranian regime.

It said that its time that the international community and the UN take a clear position towards such terror acts that the Houthis commit in Yemen.

It said that completion of Yemen’s liberation from the Houthis militants’ rule and application of the agreed references are the only way to counter threats of the Houthis rebels on Yemen, on the region and the world.

It offered condolences to families of the dead victims and wishes of soon recovery to all the injured people.


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